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FlighGlobal blogger was sent this picture  by a flight attendant on an American Airlines flight.

From FlightGlobal via Mizozo

This is sent to me with the absolute assurance that it’s a genuine picture taken by a flight attendant at American Airlines. The F/A took it to show her manager what was happening on the aircraft (757???) and why she was unhappy about it. Seems the guy paid for only one seat and the gate staff let him board.

You can see the F/A’s point of view – how the heck is s(he) supposed to deal with it. Sympathise with the guy or not, he’s a major safety hazard in an evacuation, a gross inconvenience for the cabin crew, and I would suggest a totally unacceptable travelling companion for the guy next to him.

I don’t know what the actual outcome was but it seems unimaginable that he was allowed to fly in the end. Not that anything on a commercial airline is actually unimaginable, but close anyway.

Maybe an airline that sells tickets by the pound is not a bad idea! I know that a lot of airlines make passengers buy 2 seats in case they are too fat. I think they should have done the same for this guy. Obviously I can imagine three people on the flight that were very angry –

– The two flight attendants in the cabin class

– The passenger seated next to our John “Fat” Doe


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United Airlines pilot, Erwin Washington, (51 years old from Lakewood, Colorado) was charged and arrested at London’s Heathrow Airport as he was about to fly a a Boeing 767 with 124 passengers and 11 crew to Chicago.

From Mizozo.com

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “At 12.30pm on 9 November we attended a flight at Heathrow Airport and arrested a 51-year-old man.

“He was arrested on suspicion of being aviation staff performing an aviation function while exceeding the prescribed alcohol limit.”

Police are awaiting the outcome of further tests on the man.

“He was reported to police by United Airlines staff, said a BAA Heathrow spokesman.

A United Airlines spokeswoman said: “Safety is our highest priority and the pilot has been removed from service while we are cooperating with authorities and conducting a full investigation.

“United Airlines’ alcohol policy is amongst the strictest in the industry and we have no tolerance for violation of this well-established policy.”

Pilots legal limit is 0.02 percent and that is equivalent to half a glass of beer. Erwin Vermont Washington, 51, is the third U.S. pilot in 13 months to be arrested for being over the strict alcohol limits imposed on airline staff.

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A mysterious ice chunk fell on a Chicago home around 7:52pm. The house happens to be in the flight plan for one of O’Hare’s runway. So, the obvious culprit – a leaking plane? There are other possible theories like meteorite, alien space ship, etc. but obviously a leaking plane makes the most sense.

My first question – did the ice come from the lavatory wastes? Since it doesn’t have the blue color, I would assume no!

From Mizozo.com

“The whole house shook,” she said outside the North Wolcott Avenue home, while her son held up baseball-size ice chunks in a plastic bag. The falling object caved in the corner of their 5-year-old roof dormer and showered ice through their front yard as they watched TV a few feet away. “I thought the chimney fell. My husband thought maybe the ‘L’ fell off the tracks.”

FAA is looking into it.

What do you guys think?

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A Best Buy executive, Armando Alvarez,  was denied first class upgrade at Washington DC’s Dulles Airport because he was too casually dressed for it. He was wearing a track suit.

From Mizozo.com

Best Buy’s corporate vice president Armando Alvarez was flying from Washington DC Dulles Airport to Connecticut on a October 26th 2009 on a United Airlines flight, when he was denied an upgrade request because he was wearing a track suit. He was using his miles to get the upgrade.
When he arrived at the gate and walked up to the counter, the agent told him he couldn’t fly first class because he was dressed too casually. He was wearing a tracksuit. And let’s be clear here: It was a Puma track suit. He says he packs his suits so they don’t get wrinkled during the flight.

Alvarez says he isn’t looking for compensation, but wants to call out United for his embarrassment.

“If this happened to me and I’m a United Airlines Red Carpet Club member then I believe it’s happening to other people and this must stop,” Alvarez said on Fox.

A day after the story made national headlines, a United Airlines spokesperson returned repeated calls from FOX 5. A spokesperson says they’ve identified the gate agent and he is a contract employee who works for Air Wisconsin.

The spokesperson says the employee was interviewed and security footage from the terminal is being reviewed as officials for both airlines investigate the incident.

United says there is no passenger dress code, but they cited two rules. Ticketed passengers can not be barefoot and must be clothed.

Aren’t airlines already losing enough money to get bad rep? Maybe next time I will have to wear a suit and tie while flying to Hawaii?

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Three weeks back Keith Wilson King, 61,was noticed by an officer picking up a random bag at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport. He was given a citation but then he returned back. He was arrested and a search at his home found 1000+ bags with identification tags, the owners’ names erased from the bag.

From mizozo.com

Keith Wilson and his wife, Stacy Lynne Legg-King, 38, were arrested Monday, and each was booked into jail on charges of theft of property and possession of stolen property.

From www.azcentral.com

Detectives uncovered nearly 1,000 pieces of stolen luggage Tuesday while serving a search warrant at a home in the northwest Valley, linking the items to Keith King, who’s accused of plucking the bags off airport

baggage carousels. Police officers arrested King three weeks ago at the airport after an officer noticed him grabbing a random bag off one of the carousels. He was given a misdemeanor-theft citation and released, though police said he returned to the airport days later.

King, 61, was shown on a surveillance video parking in an airport garage and walking to the baggage-claim area to steal luggage, said Officer James Holmes, a Phoenix police spokesman.

King and his wife, Stacy Legg King, 38, were arrested Monday at their home near Northern and 175th avenues. They were booked on suspicion of theft and possession of stolen property – leaving detectives to try and track the missing items, which could include electronics and clothes, among other things.

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