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Air New Zealand has come up with a new way of generating more revenue. Letting people buy 3 seats for 1 or 2 passengers on long haul flights. These seats are called “Skycouch” and the seats fold out to fill the space between the next to make a nice and comfy couch. Check the pictures below –

From Mizozo.com

The ‘Skycouch‘, a specially designed row of three seats, has been engineered to create a lie-flat, flexible space all the way to the seat-back in front, providing a place for the kids to play, or the holy grail of economy travel – a flat surface for adults to relax and sleep.

Twenty-two sets of Skycouch seats will be available, being the first 11 window rows in the Economy Class cabin.

For two adults travelling, purchasing the Skycouch will be based on buying two seats at standard prices with the third seat at approximately half price. Full airfare details will be announced when it goes on sale from late April.

Mile high club possibilities in Economy Class?


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