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NameWire, the product naming blog, has a very interesting post on “Why Some Airline Naming Lives on Despite the Surveys“.

The post gives us an insight on airline brand name and why a brand name survives after a merger.

The news that passenger satisfaction with airlines has taken a dive back to 2001 levels
is probably not a surprise. But there were a few elements that really
surprised me from a naming point of view, and some that just had me
wondering what the airlines are thinking.

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Domestic leisure airline industry has become a commodity, and there is little relevance to brand value to a commodity.

Personally, I think there are couple of other aspects on the surviving airline brand name after a merger –

  • How big the airline brand name is globally? Consider this – domestic market seems to be primarily dependent on air ticket price and the loyalty program (miles, etc), whereas the international travel (especially for travel originating from outside US) has still some considerable dependency on brand name.
  • How big are you? Mostly, the bigger airlines seem to retain their brand name, though I can also think of some exceptions to the rule.


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