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Today, Obama came to Phoenix to speak at ASU. Following is the video of Air Force One Landing at the Sky Harbor Airport –


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Following are the CCTV videos for the flight number 1549’s crash landing that have been released to public –

This is an interesting video with simulations and edits from other videos –

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Recently I was on a flight from Delhi to London which took off in a 75-100m visibility. I was trying to see if someone actually had a video for such take offs or landings, when the visibility is so low.

Following is the video I found which looks like a news segment done for some Indian news channel. Very interesting.

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September 21st 2008, Sydney got its first landing by an Airbus A380 with Qantas’ first A380 delivery.

Some highlights of the event –

  • Like Father like son – Captain Peter Probert flew the plane (his father flew the first Boeing 747 into Australia in 1971)
  • Flight – Flew from Toulouse, France (Friday night) and landed in Sydney about 9am local time.
  • Passengers – 86 passengers (with “team of
    technicians, Qantas executives, chef Neil Perry, head designer Marc
    Newson and a large media contingent”)
  • Luxury on Flight – On board this flight, the passengers were treated to “Dom Perignon champagne and Penfolds Grange 2001 vintage”


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Beautiful Phoenix Sunset at Phoenix Airport

Take off – Day time – Window View – It looks a little too cloudy for Phoenix :).

Take off – Night time – Window View

Landing – Day Time – Window View – It looks more like a normal Phoenix day – No clouds
The green areas are the Golf Courses.

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Movie description – “The story of the wrong guy – in the wrong place – at the wrong time.”
More – An American Airlines’ DC10 is shown to land on highway 405 with a lonely Jeep SUV.
By – Bruce Branit and Jeremy Hunt

From the website – “Computer generated 3 minute film made by two visual effects specialists on their home computers

Please note, the video is an awesome fake and neither the American Airlines’ DC
10 landed on highway 405 and nor could jeep SUV can take the impact.

More from here

  • Budget – $300 (+ $140 to pay two tickets for walking on the highway shoulder while filming)
  • California Highway Patrol Officer Dana Anderson is listed in special thanks who issued the tickets.
  • The film took half a month to make
  • Real footage was shot over a weekend
  • 50% of the shots in the interior of the Jeep are digital effects.

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Landing Video the cockpit view

Taking off window seat over the wing view

Take off
(and then landing at Memphis) – Cockpit View

Airport’s coveted SkyLink
you can go from any terminal to any terminal in 5-10 minutes!!!

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