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My friend Partner of a Pilot in response to the post on Delhi Airport: Airplane gets hit by… left a link to a great youtube video regarding a Thomson 253H with a similar bird strike during take off.

Facts about the video

  • Thomson 253H (Boeing 757)
  • Manchester Airport
  • Audio – Airport noise and Communication between Tower and the Pilot

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On July 25th 2000, Air France Flight 4590 (Concorde) crashed (in Gonesse, France) after taking off from Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport killing 113 people (100 passengers, 9 crew and 4 on ground). The reason of the crash was attributed to rubber from the punctured tires (from the metal on the runway) rupturing the plane’s fuel tanks shortly after take off. In a 2004 French investigation, it was found that the metal came off from a Continental Airlines’ DC-10 that took off before the doomed Concorde flight. The metal is claimed to be Titanium whereas the safety rules dictate the use of Aluminum. Concorde’s fuel tanks are also claimed to have a design defect.
Five accused from BBC article

  • John Taylor, the Continental mechanic who allegedly fitted the metal strip to the
    DC-10, and Stanley Ford, a maintenance official from the airline
  • Henri Perrier, a former head of the Concorde division at Aerospatiale, now
    part of the aerospace company EADS, and Concorde’s former chief
    engineer Jacques Herubel
  • Claude Frantzen, a former member of France’s civil aviation watchdog
      From Wikipedia

      “British investigators and former French Concorde pilots looked at
      several other possibilities that the report ignored, including an
      unbalanced weight distribution in the fuel tanks and loose landing
      . They came to the conclusion that the Concorde veered course on
      the runway, which reduced take-off speed below the crucial minimum.”


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      Beautiful Phoenix Sunset at Phoenix Airport

      Take off – Day time – Window View – It looks a little too cloudy for Phoenix :).

      Take off – Night time – Window View

      Landing – Day Time – Window View – It looks more like a normal Phoenix day – No clouds
      The green areas are the Golf Courses.

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      Couple of things to notice in the video –

      • Check the take off – The other planes on the runways look tiny.
      • Check the screen size for economy class, business class and Suites = WOW!

      It does make a lot of other airlines’ first/envoy/business class look ordinary!

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      Landing Video the cockpit view

      Taking off window seat over the wing view

      Take off
      (and then landing at Memphis) – Cockpit View

      Airport’s coveted SkyLink
      you can go from any terminal to any terminal in 5-10 minutes!!!

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      My favorite videos for Boeing 747 for Saint Martin (a tropical island in the northeast Caribbean, approximately 300 km (186 miles) east of Puerto Rico)

      Spectacular Landings that you can enjoy while lying at the beach (bring your own ear plugs 🙂 )

      From inside the cockpit, the take off (simply AWESOME)

      The jet blast causes people standing on the beach to be dragged to the water.

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      Tuesday, April 15th 2008 a Hewa Bora Airways‘ DC-9 (with 79 passengers and 6 crew members) crashed during a failed take off from the Goma Airport. It crashed into shops and houses in the commercial district of Goma, DR Congo. The causalities – 40 dead and 111 injured.

      (read this)

      • Airplane – “The cause of the accident remained unclear, but aviation sources said
        it appeared that the plane had developed engine trouble, skidded on
        water on the runway and the pilot had lost control.” Another account says – The pilot could not get the required speed to take off, and the brakes did not work possibly because of a flat tire.
      • Airport – “Potholes are part of the problem on the runway at Goma airport,
        which was damaged by lava during a 2002 eruption of a nearby volcano.
        It is currently in disrepair with broken tarmac all over. The lava flow had reduced the runway by a third and aviation officials said planes now had to make short takeoffs.
      • DR Congo Safety Concerns – Airlines at DR Congo have one of the worst safety records. This is the 5th fatal crash since June 2007. EU has banned all of the country’s 50+ airlines to fly into their airspace.

      Most of the above is from here and here

      Another interesting take on the news here.

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