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We all miss flights, some of them are very important and make us very angry. I think for those who have missed those important flights, this might be a video worth watching :).

Some facts – The video seems to be at some gate in the Hong Kong Airport. The language does not matter 🙂


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September 21st 2008, Sydney got its first landing by an Airbus A380 with Qantas’ first A380 delivery.

Some highlights of the event –

  • Like Father like son – Captain Peter Probert flew the plane (his father flew the first Boeing 747 into Australia in 1971)
  • Flight – Flew from Toulouse, France (Friday night) and landed in Sydney about 9am local time.
  • Passengers – 86 passengers (with “team of
    technicians, Qantas executives, chef Neil Perry, head designer Marc
    Newson and a large media contingent”)
  • Luxury on Flight – On board this flight, the passengers were treated to “Dom Perignon champagne and Penfolds Grange 2001 vintage”


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A memorial (costing $3.5 million on a 2.5-acre site near Boston Logan Airport) honoring for all the people who died in the terrorist attacks on September 11 2001 has been dedicated to Boston’s Logan International Airport.
Video –

Picture –

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I was wondering what would Emirates do the top the Singapore Airlines’ luxury first class cabin – well, they came up with the first showers in the sky.

The video starts from the showers/spa and shows the lounge/bar area of the Emirates Airlines’ new Airbus A380.
Simply Spectacular!!!!

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My friend Partner of a Pilot in response to the post on Delhi Airport: Airplane gets hit by… left a link to a great youtube video regarding a Thomson 253H with a similar bird strike during take off.

Facts about the video

  • Thomson 253H (Boeing 757)
  • Manchester Airport
  • Audio – Airport noise and Communication between Tower and the Pilot

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Video is from Top Gear, where on the Top Gear’s host, James May, races a 1000HP British Pound 1 million Bugati Veyron with a British Pount 65 million Eurostar Typhoon. The race is vertical climb and descent of the plane with a straight line run by the car.
An awesome video! Check the video to see who wins.

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Beautiful Phoenix Sunset at Phoenix Airport

Take off – Day time – Window View – It looks a little too cloudy for Phoenix :).

Take off – Night time – Window View

Landing – Day Time – Window View – It looks more like a normal Phoenix day – No clouds
The green areas are the Golf Courses.

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