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A Qantas 747-400 (QF 30 from London to Melbourne) was cruising at 29,000 feet when there was a loud boom. The boom was because of a hole which grew with a time extending from cargo hold into the passenger cabin. The cabin lost pressure and the aircraft started losing altitude (quickly descended 10,000 feet). The plane made an emergency landing at Manila airport (Philippines) and all the 346 passengers landed safe (though some vomited after landing).

From Associated Press

“”One hour into the flight there was a big bang, then the plane started
going down,” passenger Marina Scaffidi, 39, from Melbourne, told The
Associated Press by phone from Manila airport. “There was wind swirling
around the plane and some condensation.””

“”There was a terrific boom and bits of wood and debris just flew
forward into first (class) and the oxygen masks dropped down,” she told
Australia’s ABC Radio. “It was absolutely terrifying, but I have to say
everyone was very calm.””

“Bob Vandel, executive vice president of the independent, Virginia-based
Flight Safety Foundation, said the hole caused the plane to lose
pressure and oxygen, which required the pilot to start a quick, initial
descent to normalize oxygen levels, said Vandel.”

Video –
One of the passengers took a video inside the aircraft with landing. For video Click here


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Lufthansa, Europe’s second largest airline. has announced plans to mix biofuels with conventional jet kerosene as part of their environmental strategy.

Main points from their announcement –

  • Lufthansa intends to use as much as 10% biofuel (made from non-food sources, not algae) by 2020.
  • They also aim to cut carbon dioxide emissions per km flown by 25% by 2020

With the current market, by 2020 with a possible $1000+ per gallon, I am not sure if any commercial airline will survive. How about a nuclear power as currently used in space flights?

Current Initiatives on Alternative Fuels

  • Virgin Atlantic successfully flew a Boeing 747-400 (without passengers) from London to Amsterdam with 1 of the 4 fuel tanks filled with biofuel made of babassu pil and coconut oil. The test was done in partnership with – Boeing, General Electric and Imperium Renewables. (more read here)
  • Airbus with Rolls-Royce staged a joint test on Feb 1st 2008 of a gas-to-liquid fuel on a Airbus A380.

Seems like a Boeing-GE (US) vs Airbus-Rolls Royce (EU) race with the whole world to benefit :).

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Earlier, I had blogged how laser gun attacks on pilots, causing temporary blindness, had lead to a ban in South Wales, Australia.

In a recent incidence, a green laser was shone at a Boeing 747 (flying from Melbourne to Sydney) while the aircraft was preparing to land at Sydney Airport at 8:30am.

From Herald Sun

The Federal Government announced last month it would ban imports of
high-intensity laser pointers following a spate of laser attacks on
pilots. The ban will become effective on July 1

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From one of my favorite shows on BBC – 747 blowing away a Ford Mondeo and a Citroen.
Please do not try EVER!!!! 🙂

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My favorite videos for Boeing 747 for Saint Martin (a tropical island in the northeast Caribbean, approximately 300 km (186 miles) east of Puerto Rico)

Spectacular Landings that you can enjoy while lying at the beach (bring your own ear plugs 🙂 )

From inside the cockpit, the take off (simply AWESOME)

The jet blast causes people standing on the beach to be dragged to the water.

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Facts –

  • It is a Boeing 747-200
  • The airport is – Bouemouth Airport, England.
  • The video is spectacular, since the runway is short, and the pilot ends up using almost all of it.

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Facts about the Video –

  • Singapore Airlines‘ Boeing 747
  • Landing at Zürich Airport
  • Watch out for how the 747 wings move with the cross winds
  • I wonder if an airplane of this size is swayed like this, what will happen to this aircraft 🙂

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