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Ethopian Airlines announced that it will commence 6 weekly flights to/from Ouagadougou from October 26th 2008. The new flights will connect Ouagadougou (capital and largest city in Burkina Faso) to all the major Asian capitals. It will operate Boeing 757-200 aircraft (160 seats – 16 cloud nine and 144 economy) for the route.

From Nazret.com

The new flights will offer direct connections via Addis Ababa to
Ethiopian’s vast network across the globe among which are: Bangkok,
Brazzaville, Beijing, Beirut, Bombay, Bujumbura, Cairo, Dar es Salaam,
Delhi, Dubai, Entebbe, Guangzhou, Harare, Jeddah, Johannesburg, Juba,
Khartoum, Kigali, Kilimanjaro, Kinshasa, Lilongwe, Lubumbashi, Lusaka,
Nairobi, Paris, Tel Aviv, Washington DC and Zanzibar.

The new direct routings will save hours of current flight options for
passengers going to or from Ouagadougou. For example, the new
Ouagadougou-Dubai connection will be 3 hours and 45 minutes faster than
the current same-airline option.


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My friend Partner of a Pilot in response to the post on Delhi Airport: Airplane gets hit by… left a link to a great youtube video regarding a Thomson 253H with a similar bird strike during take off.

Facts about the video

  • Thomson 253H (Boeing 757)
  • Manchester Airport
  • Audio – Airport noise and Communication between Tower and the Pilot

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On Sunday July 7th 2008, Northwest Airlines’ Flight 478 (Boeing 757) from Detroit MI to Tamp FL had it’s nose caved-in while in mid air. All of the 182 passengers arrived fine, but caused a delay for the flight to Minneapolis MN. Some sources claim that a mid air bird collision to the nose might have caused the dent.

From CNN.com

“Baur, who called the damage a “minor maintenance issue” and a “very
rare occurrence” said all 182 passengers on board arrived in Tampa

UPDATE – From Associated Press

Federal officials say a bird did not cause a large dent in the nose of a Northwest Airlines plane that landed in Tampa.

Bergen says the crew aboard Flight 478 from Detroit reported a loud bang Monday and then the aircraft’s radar became inoperative. The plane landed safely.

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British Airways seem to be heading the all-business US – EU(or Europe) route. As a strategic deal that will bolster their OpenSkies subsidiary, it bought the two plane French Airline L’Avion that flies between Pairs (Orly) and New York (Newark) for £54m (or $107.6 million).

Facts about L’Avion

  • Founded by – 31 year old French entrepreneur Frantz Yvelin
  • First flight – January 3rd 2007 (Orly Airport, Paris to New York’s Newark Airport)
  • Fleet – Two Boeing 757-200 with 90 business class seats in 2×2 configuration
  • Interesting Fact – Fares are generally much lower than other major airlines flying the route
  • Fun Fact – Initially named Elysair but changed after a market research
  • For virtual tour – CLICK HERE

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Now US Airways?

US Airways found problems with seven of its Boeing 757 aircrafts after a five-foot by four-foot panel ripped off the wing of a its Boeing 757. The repairs were done earlier this week, but did not cause big problems (only 12 cancellations).

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