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Lucie R, 47-year old Air France flight attendant dubbed as “Mile High Pickpocket“, is facing ten years in prison after admitting stealing from business class passengers as they slept on long-haul flights typically on flight from France to far east countries. She was finally arrested when she got off a Tokyo to Paris flight at 4.30am (local time)  last Friday.

‘It would all go missing on the routes she was working on,’ said a source close to investigators, who looked at 142 flights taken by the woman, who is married with children.

‘She knew that many of the passengers would fall asleep following a large meal and lots of alcohol.

‘This is the time that she would start rifling through their property, helping herself to whatever she could find.’

[Daily Mail]


She would steal credit cards, designer jewellery and cash as the passengers would fall asleep after having alcohol and big meal. The racket seemed to have been successful for her as despite her $61,000 annual salary, she would  regularly turned up for work in a top-of-the-range sports car and was buying plush apartments close to the airports where she worked.

Have you guys ever had any theft on flights? I have never seen or heard one before!



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Air France flight AF447 that took off with 228 (216 passengers and 12 crew members) from Brazil’s Rio de Janerio to Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport went missing after around 3.5 hours of flight time.

From Mizozo.com

The flight lost contact at around 10:30 pm local time after being in flight for around 3.5 hours.

Update – This flight is supposed to have “crossed through a thunderous zone with strong turbulence” And the last message recieved was “signalling electrical circuit malfunction

French minister Jean-Louis Borloo said the plane had probably had an
accident and ruled out hijacking. He said: “By now it would be beyond
its kerosene reserves so unfortunately we must now envisage the most
tragic scenario.”

With French president Nicolas Sarkozy
expressing his concern at the incident, Air France spokeswoman Brigitte
Barrand said: “We share the emotion and worry of the families

The airplane is an Airbus A330. Brazil has launched two rescue planes to look for the airplane but the search site is close to three times the size of Europe.

Hopefully they will find something soon.

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Air France announced that it has agreed to pay 25% of stake in Italy flag carrier Alitalia for $432 million. CAI, the current owners of Alitalia seem pleased on selection of Air France – KLM over Lufthansa that had bid on the stake too.

From Mizozo.com

Alitalia declared bankruptcy on Aug 29th 2008 and has been subjected
to various suiters like Lufthansa, etc. The future of the airlines was
in grave danger esp. due to it past financial records and current labor
problems. CAI decided to combine Alitalia with Air One and get a
minority foriegn partner for which Lufthansa and Air France showed

Lufthansa’s Bid

from Lufthansa complained that they were not provided the required
information to provide a firm bid despite the fact that they were the
earlier of the suitors for buying the airlines.

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Air France went through severe disruptions (2/5 of long haul flights and half of the rest getting canceled) after the pilots began their four-day strike in protest to the change of the legal age for retirement. The change in retirement age from 60 to 65 was passed in the French parliament earlier.

European passengers are already going through woes due to strikes by employees at Alitalia.

“Passengers should contact Air France on +33 1 5702 1055 or visit www.airfrance.com
for the latest flight information

From BBC article

Disruption to flights operated by partner airlines, including Brit Air
and CityJet, will not be as great, chairman Jean-Cyril Spinetta said.
He said the strike would cost the airline 100m euros ($127m; £86.1m).
Mr Spinetta also said the strike was “unnecessary” because the
postponement of the retirement age from 60 to 65 was beyond the firm’s
control, having been passed in parliament. In addition, pilots will still be able to decide whether they want to
retire at the age of 60 while paying the same pension contributions.

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On July 25th 2000, Air France Flight 4590 (Concorde) crashed (in Gonesse, France) after taking off from Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport killing 113 people (100 passengers, 9 crew and 4 on ground). The reason of the crash was attributed to rubber from the punctured tires (from the metal on the runway) rupturing the plane’s fuel tanks shortly after take off. In a 2004 French investigation, it was found that the metal came off from a Continental Airlines’ DC-10 that took off before the doomed Concorde flight. The metal is claimed to be Titanium whereas the safety rules dictate the use of Aluminum. Concorde’s fuel tanks are also claimed to have a design defect.
Five accused from BBC article

  • John Taylor, the Continental mechanic who allegedly fitted the metal strip to the
    DC-10, and Stanley Ford, a maintenance official from the airline
  • Henri Perrier, a former head of the Concorde division at Aerospatiale, now
    part of the aerospace company EADS, and Concorde’s former chief
    engineer Jacques Herubel
  • Claude Frantzen, a former member of France’s civil aviation watchdog
      From Wikipedia

      “British investigators and former French Concorde pilots looked at
      several other possibilities that the report ignored, including an
      unbalanced weight distribution in the fuel tanks and loose landing
      . They came to the conclusion that the Concorde veered course on
      the runway, which reduced take-off speed below the crucial minimum.”


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      Air France announced that they have launched a full trial of in-flight cellphone services on selected European routes (on an Airbus 318). In order to use the service, the travelers need to have a roaming agreement with their cellphone service provider.

      FACTS –

      • Trail Before – The launch follows three months of limited service trials.
      • Full trial means – Voice, SMS (or text messaging) and Email
      • Service provided by – Airbus unit OnAir
      • Service limitation – Up to 6 simultaneous calls per aircraft (unlimited sms and email)
      • RECORD Air France is the first company to offer FULL CELLPHONE SERVICES on its flights

      Would I be able to sleep on my flight anymore? I think a possible Possible “Passenger Woes” article should be coming up soon!

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