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Bad news for American Airlines’ Advantage program members, as the airlines is cutting some popular routes. Starting March 1st 2012, Airlines will stop flying the 14-hour direct flight from ORD-DEL-ORD.

Also, they will stop flying to Burbank, California.

The historical financial performance of the route and its future outlook given the global economic climate and high oil prices has resulted in a decision by American to cancel its New Delhi (DEL) – Chicago O’Hare (ORD) service.

o The last flight to leave for India from Chicago will be on February 28, 2012, while the last return flight from India to Chicago will operate on March 1, 2012.

o AA will continue to offer travel choices between the U.S. and India in conjunction with oneworld partners British Airways, Kingfisher Airlines and Finnair, via either London Heathrow or Helsinki (summer only), and through its codeshare partner Jet Airways via Brussels.

o The route is operated by three-class Boeing 777-200 aircraft.

DFW-Burbank Service

o Flights between DFW and Burbank will be cancelled effective Feb. 9, 2012.

o Unfortunately, the cancellation of the DFW-BUR flights will result in AA exiting the Burbank market and closing operations at the BUR station.

o Customers can continue to reach Burbank as a destination by flying into Los Angeles, one of American’s cornerstone markets.

o American does not maintain employees in Burbank, as ground handling operations are provided by a third party, Airport Terminal Service.

From Dallas News

Makes me wonder, at this pace, if the Airlines will go from World’s largest airlines to smallest?



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February could very well become Facebook-month for airline travelers in US as seven airlines will be providing free Facebook access for the month on their Wi-Fi networks.

The service will be provided on North American flights of –

  • Virgin America
  • AirTran
  • US Airways
  • American Airlines
  • Delta
  • United Airlines
  • Alaska Airline.

The promotion will be sponsored by Gogo Inflight Internet and Ford.

Earlier, Gogo had offered free Wi-Fi on holiday flights on Virgin America, AirTran, and American Airlines.

Happy Facebooking all!

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Starting June 1st 2009, American Airlines will go cashless for all its domestic flights and flight to/from Hawaii, Alaska and Canada.

American Airlines (like other airlines) offers the following for sale –

  • headsets
  • meals
  • snacks
  • alcoholic beverages

“We believe that, by moving to a cashless
cabin, the transaction process is more convenient for both our
customers and flight attendants,” said Lauri Curtis, American’s Vice
President – Onboard Service.

Flight attendants utilize a hand-held Onboard Sales Recorder to
charge credit and debit cards, eliminating the need to search for small
bills or change. American, a founding member of the global oneworld(R) Alliance, has used these hand-held devices since May 2006. Receipts will be provided to passengers upon request.

Cashless cabins will not be implemented onboard American Eagle and
AmericanConnection flights – only cash will continue to be accepted
onboard those flights, just as it is today. (from here)

I personally think that it is a BAD decision on American Airlines’ part. The biggest gripe is for international travelers traveling on domestic flights (after arriving to US) – what if they don’t have a credit card that works?

How about selling coupons on the counters for cash as well?

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American Airlines today announced that after reviewing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) policy on raft capacity (which mentions that the rafts on the plane should accommodate for all passengers, crew and lap children), they found that the Boeing 767 fleet was not following the policy. So, temporarily all flights using the plane will be restricted to 228 instead of earlier capacity of 236 (both number includes the crew of 11). The airline did add that it was never safety concern, since the the seat cushions could be used as flotation devices instead of the raft.

It seems that the Hudson river landing of flight 1549 had caused the self check.

The airline is going to add additional rafts to the planes for permanent solution.

What it means the passenger?

For long term, the airline might restrict the number of seats that it can sell and for the current flights, the flights which are sold between above capacity and capacity-8 might be looking for volunteers to fly some other flight, if all passengers show-up.

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Allied Pilots Association (American Airlines’ Pilots Association) has been vocal about their opposition to the proposed American Airlines and British Airways alliance. Recently, they have put on billboards around the Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) Airport to display their opposition.

The application is – “BA and AA have applied to regulators in the United States and Europe for
antitrust immunity that would permit them to combine their route networks,
pricing, sales, marketing and purchasing power
. Iberia, the Spanish airline;
Finnair and Royal Jordanian are included in the submission but are secondary

From “Aviation Blog at Dallas News” –

One says:
AA’s Joint Venture? Higher Fares, Lost Jobs.

Good for Executives, Bad for America.

The other says:
AA’s multinational joint venture:

Is it good for America?

The billboards also include a web address to get more information, www.AmericanJobsAtRisk.com.

I do understand the big concern for other airlines at London’s Heathrow Airport like Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic. Richard Branson believes that the alliance will make a monopoly at London’s Heathrow airport and will drive smaller airlines out of the market. The biggest concern for Branson is that together the airlines can get even more market share.

But I don’t understand the American Airlines’ pilots, unless –

  • They beleive that some of flights to London will be removed, but then I don’t think there is enough overlap between BA and AA in those markets.
  • AA might not fly some of the potential future markets like middle east, asia, etc. This might be a legitimate concern.

Since this will be an alliance, none of the pilots can fly other airlines’ planes.

There is a big issue with old companies in US with unionized labor. It seems like the Unions and managment seem to have new philosophy  – “a company within a company safeguarding their own interests” rather than the original concept of “disallowing any labor exploitation”.

Maybe I am missing something?

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Barack Obama, the President-elect for USA, traded his “Air Obama” or “O-Force One” (Boeing 757) that was used during the campaign for a chartered American Airlines Boeing Super-80 or MD-80. The aircraft was recently used to fly him from Chicago to Washington DC for his White House meetings.

Great advertisement for American Airlines 🙂

From ABC

American won the round-trip charter contract in a competitive bidding
process done through a broker, according to airline spokesperson Mary
Frances Fagan. “We presented price package based on host of factors including type of
aircraft, length of time the airplane was needed, where the plane was
based, number of crew members involved, catering, fuel costs,” said
Fagan.American Airlines flight personnel staffed the cockpit and the cabin
for the trip to Washington and back to Chicago. Michelle Obama, who
accompanied the president-elect to the White House on Monday, flew
separately, according to staff members.

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On April 1st 2008, Miguel Olaya, a 60 year old New York resident, hired DeRiso Funeral Home, a Brooklyn funeral home, to ship his late wife’s body (Teresa Olaya who died of pelvic cancer at age 57) to Guayaquil, Ecuador for burial. Miguel arrived at the airport to find out that the coffin was missing from the flight. Initially he was told that the body was in Miami FL but later it was found out that it had gone to Guatemala.
Funeral director Kathleen DeRiso claims that someone at American Airlines punched the wrong airport code. Instead of GYE for Guayaquil, they entered GUA for Guatemala.

Also, Miguel claims that the when he received the body after 4 days, the body was badly decomposed since it was not properly embalmed. Though American Airlines refutes the claim.

I personally think that the airline should be more careful. Misplacing luggage is one thing, but misplacing a body is unacceptable. I wonder is the airlines “could” do anything to the person who did such a big mistake? 

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