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Last time pilots strike at Lufthansa over pay caused 44 flight cancellations. This time the strike caused to ground a quarter of the flights with 990 cancellations (465 domestic and regional flights on July 22nd and 525 flights today on July 23rd 2008). Lufthansa is offering the affected passengers to rebook on other flights or use their tickets to travel by train.

From Bloomberg

“Pilots at Lufthansa’s Eurowings and CityLine regional units
went on strike at noon in a walkout that will last until
midnight tomorrow, according to the Vereinigung Cockpit union.”

“CityLine pilots rejected an offer that would have raised
pay by a total of 5.5 percent in two steps and paid pilots a
bonus of 7,000 euros ($11,145) and co-pilots a bonus of 5,000
euros, Lufthansa spokesman Jan Baerwalde said. Eurowings offered
6.5 percent more pay in two steps and a bonus of 15 percent of
the salary, Lufthansa spokeswoman Claudia Lange said.”


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Midday, Saturday April 12th 2008 American Airlines has only 3 MD-80s were awaiting final approval from the Federal Aviation Administration. Gerard Arpey, AMR’s and American Airline’s Chief Executive, personally apologized the week of chaos and cancellations.

It seems like FAA’s congressional hearing has caused them to pull the strings around airlines and they seem to have been successful in showing they are no one gets away with a directive violation on their planes.

It does remind me of the boss of this small company where I worked couple of years back. Every time my boss’s boss would find something wrong with him, my boss would turn around and find everything wrong with us 🙂 .

On second thoughts, we all want to fly on safe planes.

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Travel woes continued for American Airlines passengers with the airline canceling 595 flights (or 25% of it’s schedule) today (Friday April 11th 2008).

Please make sure that your flight is not canceled before you leave for the airport!
800-433-7300 (AA’s standard reservation phone number).

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Over 100 flights were canceled at Heathrow’s Terminal 5 due to heavy snow between 0700 and 0800 BST (April 7th 2008).

This uncontrollable event adds to the Terminal 5’s woes that started on the opening day last week.

There are multiple reasons that come to my mind – x-files, black-magic or stop Heathrow Expansion project or sheer bad luck.

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