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Earlier I had blogged about the use of PDAs/Cellphones as boarding passes. Delta Air Lines is starting to use this technology starting Tuesday June 17th 2008 at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. Passengers can now pull up the boarding pass with the bar code image on their mobile phones (web-enabled) and scan it at the security checkpoint and boarding gates.

Earlier, Continental Airlines and Northwest Airlines had launched the program at some of their airports.

Smart phones seem to keep finding new uses! Go Iphone, Blackberry, Palm, etc.
From Atlanta Journal Constitution

Atlanta-based Delta, like
Continental and Northwest, is working under a Transportation Security
Administration pilot program. The TSA will use handheld scanners to
read the electronic bar codes, which are similar to those on the back
of Georgia driver’s licenses. The electronic boarding pass will not be
available for Delta Shuttle passengers.”


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Beautiful woman sleeping in business class, a camera phone and a …..

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Today (April 7th 2008), European Union took the decision to take off the ban on the use of cell phones in flight for its 27-nation-bloc.

Facts about the decision –

  • The flight’s captain will have the power to turn off the service anytime
  • The service will be blocked during takeoff and landing (allowed to turn on after 10,000 feet)
  • System will rely in European GSM technology.
  • Lufthansa announced that it does not plan to introduce the service. Though it would look into reintroducing fast internet service.

For Q and A go here.

Though, US is not expected to follow this decision anytime soon (banned by both FAA and FCC).

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(Image from USAToday)

Facts –

  • All the big US Airlines allow the feature of checking in through a mobile device
  • Continental is currently testing Electronic passes (no boarding pass at all).
  • A little risky, since what if the reader is not able to read properly?
  • Though, helps us to become a little more “green”.

More on the article – here, here and here.

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