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Earlier I had blogged about the use of PDAs/Cellphones as boarding passes. Delta Air Lines is starting to use this technology starting Tuesday June 17th 2008 at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. Passengers can now pull up the boarding pass with the bar code image on their mobile phones (web-enabled) and scan it at the security checkpoint and boarding gates.

Earlier, Continental Airlines and Northwest Airlines had launched the program at some of their airports.

Smart phones seem to keep finding new uses! Go Iphone, Blackberry, Palm, etc.
From Atlanta Journal Constitution

Atlanta-based Delta, like
Continental and Northwest, is working under a Transportation Security
Administration pilot program. The TSA will use handheld scanners to
read the electronic bar codes, which are similar to those on the back
of Georgia driver’s licenses. The electronic boarding pass will not be
available for Delta Shuttle passengers.”


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After American Airlines and United Airlines announcements on capacity cuts, Continental has come up with its own announcement.

From Bloomberg
Continental Airlines Inc. will cut
3,000 jobs and shrink its jet fleet by 18 percent, becoming the
fourth major U.S. carrier to slash payrolls and flights as
soaring fuel prices push the industry to its worst losses since
Sept. 11.”

How it affects a Passenger?
The reason for American Airlines to initiate the capacity cuts was a way of starting an initiative that is expected to follow by other carriers to decrease the overall network capacity. Since the carriers did follow suit, it means that there will be lesser seats available on the network to fly. This in turn means that the airlines can raise ticket prices even more without weakening their demand.

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There are talks between American Airlines, British Airways and Continental Airlines for a partnership (not to be confused with a merger). If the partnership talks go through, they will all retain their names, headquarters, etc. but will end up with possible ties on – frequent flier program and code sharing. American Airlines and British Airways already have an alliance, and this partnership might get them “antitrust immunity” and the existing alliance.

Personally, I think it is a good idea, especially since Continental Airlines and American Airlines are the best (operations and customer service) of all the US legacy carriers. With British Airways, the partnership will enjoy one of the strongest networks in the world.

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US DOT (Department of Transportation) reported a sharp increase in planes (particularly from Continental Airlines) demanding emergency landing due too running low on fuel. They have expressed concern that this increase is due to the fuel saving measures taken by airlines. Majority of incidents were on transatlantic flights.

The oil prices reaching $120 a barrel, I think all airlines will increase their efforts on saving fuel and there might be even more of these incidences.

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Copa Airlines, the national flag carrier of Panama (based in Panama City, Panama), reported Completion Factor of 99.8% and On Time Performance of 90.3% during the first quarter of 2008.

Facts about the Airline

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Facts –

  • Flight Date and Time – March 27th 2008 (landing around 6pm)
  • Flight – From Oklahoma City to Houston
  • AirplaneBoeing 737
  • Damage – 4 tires
  • Flight Status – Landing at Houston Bust Intercontinental Terminal
  • AirlineContinental
  • Passenger Load – 113 passengers (with 5 crew)
  • More – It was not an emergency landing
  • Fun – All passengers on the flight got drink tickets ($5 worth).

For more information read this.

For Video – Here

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