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BusinessWeek has an article today on the employee situations at Airbus and Boeing.

The article summary is such (please do read it with the interesting comments) –
There are two companies A and B

Company A

  • Struggling Financially
  • Average raise for employees this year – 1.5%
  • Plans to eliminate 1 in 5 jobs

Company B

  • Recently offered 11% raise over the next three years
  • Bonus – $5000 +
  • 14% boost in company payments to the pension plan

Company B is Boeing and Company A is Airbus, and on September 5th 2008, “members of Boeing’s biggest union walked off the job, halting production and throwing the timetable for the already late-to-market 787 Dreamliner into confusion.

The reason Airbus is in financial problems is because of problems with delay in Airbus A350 and A380 delivery schedules. The same problems that Boeing is going to face in the near future due to 787 delivery schedule delays.

Further, the airline industry is supposed to incur billions of dollars of loses this year, so the future for the airplane manufacturer might look even worse.

I do understand that Boeing employees would have gone through multiple pay cuts in their early years but it is important to realize that the airline industry has changed forever, where it is almost impossible to have high margins and great pays.


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Luthansa (or Deutsche Luftansa AG), flag carrier of Germany and second largest airline in Europe, canceled 44 flights and delayed many more after its workers in Frankgurt, Munich, Stuttgart and Cologne walked off the job to press for higher pay raise. Lufthansa has earlier offered 5.5% raise in two steps instead of the union’s request for 9.8% which had resulted in limited strikes started on June 19 2008.

From Bloomberg
“Check-in and catering workers temporarily walked off the job
in Frankfurt and baggage handlers were on strike in Munich. In
Stuttgart and Cologne, engineers joined the walkout. The strike
began at 4 a.m. German time and lasted about four hours. All
employees have since returned to work, Stotz said.”

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Monday, June 16th 2008 New Delhi’s Indra Gandhi International Airport witnessed a strange event – Heavy rains at the capital city of India caused a large number of soaked animals to descend on the airport’s runway. The “sudden appearance of jackals, monitor lizards and raptors” on the runway resulted in delays for an hour, since neither the aircrafts could take off nor land.

The incidence reminds me of Jurassic Park Movie 🙂

From Cnn.com

“Arun Arora, spokesman for Indira Gandhi International Airport, says
in a statement that the animals were looking to dry off and warm up
after the first monsoon rains hit New Delhi. The statement says their
appearance on the runway forced authorities to stop planes from taking
off and landing for nearly an hour.

Arora cannot not say how
many flights are delayed after animal welfare authorities cleared the
runway of wildlife, including monitor lizards that measured as long as
2-3 feet (nearly a meter).”

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  • Do you plan an important meeting at 10 am, if the the flight is scheduled to arrive at 9:30 am?
  • How many times do you have to have to call your wife/husband to tell her that the flight is delayed again?
  • What about the perfectly planned vacation gone awry because of one flight delay?

Now there is a website which can take the guessing out of the equation. Check this flight, which can tell you the likelihood of getting delayed by Airlines. The website is called DelayCast (via this blog) and it just went “beta” (the new definition that means – “site is ready for use by public but it is not perfect yet”).

The website says, “Use our on-time

prediction engine to help you book your flights. We’ve built
mathematical models of the U.S. air transportation system to predict
delays and cancellations. If you need to make that meeting on time or
are afraid of missing a connection, don’t book until you check out the
predictions here!

I think it is a great idea, but with all the cancelations, I might also need a CancelCAST!

I have added some screen shots using DCA to LGA –

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