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Allied Pilots Association (American Airlines’ Pilots Association) has been vocal about their opposition to the proposed American Airlines and British Airways alliance. Recently, they have put on billboards around the Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) Airport to display their opposition.

The application is – “BA and AA have applied to regulators in the United States and Europe for
antitrust immunity that would permit them to combine their route networks,
pricing, sales, marketing and purchasing power
. Iberia, the Spanish airline;
Finnair and Royal Jordanian are included in the submission but are secondary

From “Aviation Blog at Dallas News” –

One says:
AA’s Joint Venture? Higher Fares, Lost Jobs.

Good for Executives, Bad for America.

The other says:
AA’s multinational joint venture:

Is it good for America?

The billboards also include a web address to get more information, www.AmericanJobsAtRisk.com.

I do understand the big concern for other airlines at London’s Heathrow Airport like Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic. Richard Branson believes that the alliance will make a monopoly at London’s Heathrow airport and will drive smaller airlines out of the market. The biggest concern for Branson is that together the airlines can get even more market share.

But I don’t understand the American Airlines’ pilots, unless –

  • They beleive that some of flights to London will be removed, but then I don’t think there is enough overlap between BA and AA in those markets.
  • AA might not fly some of the potential future markets like middle east, asia, etc. This might be a legitimate concern.

Since this will be an alliance, none of the pilots can fly other airlines’ planes.

There is a big issue with old companies in US with unionized labor. It seems like the Unions and managment seem to have new philosophy  – “a company within a company safeguarding their own interests” rather than the original concept of “disallowing any labor exploitation”.

Maybe I am missing something?


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CNBC had a slideshow on World’s Busiest Airports. To View the slideshow click here.


Rank 1
– Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International (ATL)
Location – Atlanta, USA
Passengers handled in 200789,379,287

Rank 2
– Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)
Location – Chicago, USA
Passengers handled in 200776,159,324

Rank 3
– Lodon Heathrow Airport (LHR)
Location – London, UK
Passengers handled in 200768,068,554

Rank 4
– Tokyo International Airport (HND)
Location – Tokyo, Japan
Passengers handled in 200766,671,435

Rank 5
– Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
Location – Los Angeles, USA
Passengers handled in 200761,895,548


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Landing Video the cockpit view

Taking off window seat over the wing view

Take off
(and then landing at Memphis) – Cockpit View

Airport’s coveted SkyLink
you can go from any terminal to any terminal in 5-10 minutes!!!

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