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In celebration of their 5th anniversary, the Sharjah (UAE) based low cost carrier, Air Arabia, announced that all of the passengers flying on October 28th 2008 will fly for free. The airline started its operations on October 28th 2003 with the “first flight from Sharjah, UAE to Bahrain International Airport“. Check the announcement from the airline’s website.


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All over the world – in Europe, Asia*, Americas, Africa and Australia, airlines are struggling against rising fuel costs, trying to find opportunities to cut costs and make more money. But there is one region where fuel is not a concern and money is not an issue, the middle east. Airlines in middle east – Etihad, Qatar Airways, FlyDubai (startup airline by Emirates starting in 2009) and Emirates seem to be dropping billions to buy newer and bigger jets as seen at the Farnborough International Air Show.

The buy list for Etihad Airlines (orders worth $43 billion)

  • 20 Airbus A320
  • 25 Airbus A350 (with options)
  • 10 Airbus 380 (options of 10 more)
  • 35 Boeing 787 Dreamliners
  • 10 Boeing 777

The buy list for FlyDubai (worth $3.78 billion)

  • 54 Boeing 737-800

Though it does raise questions in minds, does these orders have a strategic value or are just crazy ambitions of these fast growing airlines? Does it really make sense?

From Business Week

“Money is clearly no object for these guys. But where exactly are they
heading? You had to wonder when FlyDubai’s top managers, in response to
questions at a Farnborough press conference, said they didn’t know yet
what destinations they would serve or how their $4 billion aircraft
order would be financed. “We are developing plans,” FlyDubai Chief
Executive Ghaith al Ghaith said”

“Etihad’s goals are a bit clearer. As flag carrier for the United Arab
Emirates, it wants to create a global airline hub in Abu Dhabi to
jump-start growth and tourism there – just as neighboring Dubai has
done with its own airline Emirates. But can the region really support
two hubs less than 100 miles apart?”

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Emirates Airline, Dubai, UAE based airlines, has announced that it would launch a nonstop service between Dubai and New York on August 1st 2008 on an Airbus A380 superjumbo jet plane. It is the largest customer of Airbus A380 with 58 orders of which 4 will be delivered in 2008.

This is very exciting, since this would be the first Airbus A380 service to United States!

From BeritBart

The United States represent a key focus
area in Emirates’ route development plans, and we are delighted to be
the first airline to launch commercial A380 services to the continent,”
said Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum, chairman and chief executive of
the largest airline in the Middle East.

“We are confident that Emirates’ customers traveling to and from North
America will welcome the A380’s additional space and capacity, as well
as our luxurious onboard amenities which will provide a very high
quality travel experience previously associated only with private

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Today (April 7th 2008), Emirates Airlines launched its newest lounge at Brisbane International Airport.

(Emirates Lounge at Sydney from here)

Features –

  • Boasts a full 360 degree view
  • The only airline to allow passengers to board directly from the lounge
  • Four years ago Brisbane became the first Emirates dedicated lounge outside Dubai.
  • Lounge is only available to Emirates’ First and Business Travelers only.
  • Other services – “complimentary gourmet menu, complimentary drinks from the bar, a
    massage in special massaging chairs, leather recliners, flat screen
    televisions, bathroom and shower facilities and a fully equipped
    business center”

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