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United Flight 935 (Boeing 777) with 196 passengers, 12 crew and 3 pilots, was flying from Heathrow (London UK) to Los Angeles (USA) over the Atlantic Ocean when it hit turbulence. The turbulence resulted in 4 passengers suffering with fractured bones and 1 flight attendant spraining her ankle. The seat belt sign was off when the plane hit the bump that resulted in the rapid altitude loss. Since the sign was off, there were passengers walking in the aisles resulting in the injuries.

The flight ended up landing at Montreal (Canada) around 1:15 p.m. and aircraft was taken out of service. United Airlines provided another aircraft from passengers to be flown from Montreal to Los Angeles.

So, please whenever you are flying keep the seat belts on!



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We have heard about different ways activists have tried to stop Heathrow’s expansion, but recently they came up with a novel idea – buy a piece of land (almost an acre is size) in the middle of the planned site for expansion. Celebrities like Emma Thompson, Alistair McGowan; millionaire Tory Zac Goldsmith and a lot of activists contributed to buy the piece of land now called “Airplot”.

From Mizozo.com

Celebrities like “actress Emma Thompson, the comedian Alistair McGowan,
millionaire Tory Zac Goldsmith”, greenpeace and activists bought a
portion a land in the middle of Heathrow’s expansion project.The land plot is called “airplot” and a thousand of brits have their name on it’s registration.


  • More planes, more pollution = more carbon emissions
  • More planes – more noise


  • More planes – More jobs
  • More planes – More money for London or UK (since every person flying through or from London pays airport tax)

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Kingfisher Airlines recently announced the start of its new service between Mumbai and London (Heathrow Airport) starting January 5th 2009. The airline will use an Airbus A330-200 (28 seats in First and 169 seats in Kingfisher Class).

Mumbai – London Flight Schedule IT 007
Departure from Mumbai – 13:45 Mumbai Local Time
Arrival at London – 17:55 London Local Time (Terminal 4)

London – Mumbai Flight Schedule IT008
Departure from London – 20:30 London Local Time
Arrival at Mumbai – 11:00 Mumbai Local Time (next day)

Other Services Launch –
Kingfisher also plans to launch Mumbai-Hong Kong operations from January 12 and Mumbai-Singapore flight from January 16. In addition, its flights from Bangalore and Chennai to Sri Lanka capital, Colombo, will start from January 19.
(from Hindu)

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British Airways (CEO Willie Wash) and BAA (CEO Colin Matthews) have called for the construction of a third runway at London’s Heathrow Airport. This statement came after a business group, London’s First, has called for “drastic action to end the problems of “Heathrow hassle“”. The group has called for scrapping of some flights at peak time (read here).

From Forbes

BA chief executive Willie
Walsh told a transport conference in London that the London hub needed
a short extra runway and mixed-mode operation on its existing two
runways, which would create more take-off and landing space.”

Walsh said the absence of
spare runway capacity had caused Heathrow’s global network to shrink
from 227 destinations in 1990 to 180 today. ‘This is a cycle of decline
that must be reversed,’ he said.”

I am little worried about more construction at the airport for the following possible reasons (you might agree with one or two of them) –

  • A patch to a bigger problem – The problem at Heathrow is capacity constraints, not just at the runway level but at Gates, etc. I think the best alternative would be to make another airport?
  • Bad Record – Terminal 4 has caused us all to believe that expansions can result in chaos!!!
  • Environmental Impact – Though I do not consider myself an environmentalist, but still I feel this should be studied, esp. with all the wide body planes at Heathrow.

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Starting October 26th 2008, SriLankan Airlines, national airline of Sri Lanka and previously know as Air Lanka, will start a new flight between London’s Heathrow Airport and the island nation (and luxury holiday location) Maldives.

From Skyscanner

“Chanaka Olagama, manager of Sri Lankan Airlines’ UK and Ireland
operations, said: “We recognise the need to introduce this non-stop
service for such a popular holiday destination.

needs are our priority and we believe that this new direct service will
provide a time-effective way to travel in style and comfort to their
paradise location.””

Taj Exotica Maldives

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Naomi Cambell has been charged on the incidence assaulting two police officers during a luggage incidence at Terminal 5 of London’s Heathrow Airport. The incidence happened during the infamous chaotic opening week of Terminal 5.

From Associated Press

The Crown Prosecution Service said Campbell faced six charges — three
counts of assaulting a constable, two counts of using threatening,
abusive words or behavior to the cabin crew and one count of disorderly
conduct. Police said the assault charges related to two officers.”

“She arrived at the police station Thursday in a chauffeur-driven
Mercedes. She left without speaking, but her lawyer said the supermodel
was “bitterly disappointed” that she had been charged.”

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