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Earlier I had blogged about the world’s most expensive private jets. Since the Hawker 4000 is below 30 million tag to qualify for the top ten, I had completely ignored it, but got a renewed interest recently with CNN and Fortune reporting about it.

Features of this business jet –

  • Price Tag$21,000,000 ($2 mil cheaper than Gulfstream G200 and $7 mil cheaper than Falcon DX)
  • Range – 3,28- nautical miles (US coast to coast or NYC to London)
  • Fuselage – Composite-body (70% stronger than Aluminum, does not corrode, easier to repair and no life limit) jet composed of 3 pieces.
  • Cutting Edge – cutting-edge avionics, auto throttle, and multiple duplicate systems (for safety) unavailable in comparable-size jets
  • Luxury – More interior space (average of 6 feet head room), unlimited leather, wood floors, 8-12 passenger accommodation (8 with 4 pairs of club chairs with writing tables), Digital Cabin air conditioning and pressurization systems.
  • Wait – Due to fractional private jet ownership companies like NetJet, etc. the current wait is somewhere around 2.5 years.

From CNN

“Which is why I was particularly curious to take a joy ride in July on
the brand-new Hawker 4000, the first plane to offer big-jet safety and
technology features at a midsized-jet price.”

For more information from Hawker Beechcraft Website –
Cabin Tour
Cockpit Tour


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I was wondering what would Emirates do the top the Singapore Airlines’ luxury first class cabin – well, they came up with the first showers in the sky.

The video starts from the showers/spa and shows the lounge/bar area of the Emirates Airlines’ new Airbus A380.
Simply Spectacular!!!!

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Washington Post reported that US Air Force’s top leadership sought (for 3 years) $16 mil in counter-terrorism fund for “comfort capsules” on military planes that ferry senior officers and civilian leaders around the world. It is reported that the production of the first capsule of 2 sealed rooms has already begun.This report has resulted in an internal debate on use of taxpayer money on defense luxury (read Washington Post Article).

From Washington Post

Air Force officials say the government needs the new capsules to ensure
that leaders can talk, work and rest comfortably in the air. But the
top brass’s preoccupation with creating new luxury in wartime has
alienated lower-ranking Air Force officers familiar with the effort, as
well as congressional staff members and a nonprofit group that calls
the program a waste of money.

Air Force documents spell out how each of the capsules is to be
“aesthetically pleasing and furnished to reflect the rank of the senior
leaders using the capsule,” with beds, a couch, a table, a 37-inch
flat-screen monitor with stereo speakers, and a full-length mirror

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British Airways seem to be heading the all-business US – EU(or Europe) route. As a strategic deal that will bolster their OpenSkies subsidiary, it bought the two plane French Airline L’Avion that flies between Pairs (Orly) and New York (Newark) for £54m (or $107.6 million).

Facts about L’Avion

  • Founded by – 31 year old French entrepreneur Frantz Yvelin
  • First flight – January 3rd 2007 (Orly Airport, Paris to New York’s Newark Airport)
  • Fleet – Two Boeing 757-200 with 90 business class seats in 2×2 configuration
  • Interesting Fact – Fares are generally much lower than other major airlines flying the route
  • Fun Fact – Initially named Elysair but changed after a market research
  • For virtual tour – CLICK HERE

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In 2007, Forbes had an article for the priciest private jets (with a slide show).

The world’s priciest private jets are –
Airbus A380
$300 million-plus
Unnamed Middle Eastern Head of State (Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud?)
New York-based jet-interior expert Edése Doret is doing the interiors for $100 million

Boeing 747-8
$270 million-$280 million
Four people (subjet to FAA’s non commerical approval)

Boeing 767
$118 million-$165 million
Chelsea football club owner Roman Abromavich and Google founders Larry Page and Serge Brin.

Boeing Business Jet 3 (also 737-900ER)
$68 million
8 Ordered already

Bombardier BD-700 Global Express
$45 million

Embraer Lineage 1000

$40.95 million

Gulfstream G550
$36 million
London-based billionaire Lakshmi Mittal

Dassault Falcon 900
$33 million-plus
Billionaire Sergio Mantegazza, president of Swiss tour company Globus & Cosmos, is a confirmed Falcon owner.

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Starting October 26th 2008, SriLankan Airlines, national airline of Sri Lanka and previously know as Air Lanka, will start a new flight between London’s Heathrow Airport and the island nation (and luxury holiday location) Maldives.

From Skyscanner

“Chanaka Olagama, manager of Sri Lankan Airlines’ UK and Ireland
operations, said: “We recognise the need to introduce this non-stop
service for such a popular holiday destination.

needs are our priority and we believe that this new direct service will
provide a time-effective way to travel in style and comfort to their
paradise location.””

Taj Exotica Maldives

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British Airways is launching a subsidiary called “Open Skies Airline” that will be a transatlantic luxury-service airline. The airline is taking advantage of the transatlantic “open skies” agreement(or EU-US Open Skies Agreement between European Union and United States.

The first flight starts today, Thursday June 19th 2008 from Paris’ Orly airport to New York’s JFK airport. The aircraft flown will be a Boeing 757 with just 82 seats. “There will be 24 passengers in business class, where their seats will
convert into fully-flat beds, while the premium plus passengers will
have extra legroom. The economy section will consist of just 30 seats, allowing passengers more room and more service.
” (from here). More on the seats configurations – Read here

BA is considering other European destinations like “Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt and Milan” for the subsidiary airline.

British Airways seems to be following the business model of all-business transatlantic flights of now-bankrupt airlines Silverjet, MAXjet and Eos.

Excerpts from RTE Business

The open skies deal between EU and the US came into effect at the
end of March 2008 after years of negotiation. Before, it would not have
been possible for BA or any other EU carrier to fly direct to America
from a destination outside their own country. The deal has also allowed any EU or US airline to use Heathrow Airport in west London for flights to America.

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