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Continental Airlines today announced –

  • Promotional $45 (one-way) fare for US Helicopter service between Newark and Manhattan. Please note that the discounted fare is available for limited time only to economy class passengers traveling on select faares to/from Newark Airport.
  • The service will be complimentary for passengers traveling on First Class and full-fare tickets.

Offer details from Market Watch

The special offer is effective immediately for tickets purchased on or
after Sept. 1 for travel through Oct. 31, 2008. Customers previously ticketed
to travel within these dates may add the US Helicopter service at the
discounted fare. No advance purchase is required. The promotional fare does
not include passenger facility charges of up to $18 per segment, Sept. 11
security fee of up to $5 each way or Federal excise tax of $3.50 per segment.
For reservations or additional information go to continental.com or call

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Samsung has installed 50 free charging stations at Newark Liberty International Airport in Terminals A, B and C.

The station has 4 outlets that allows to charge 4 devices simultaneously. Though the charging station is small for charging big laptops, though will be useful for cellphones and small notebooks.

Will definitely be very useful if you are stuck at the airport and your phone battery runs out of juice, especially because you kept refreshing your emails, calling up your friends to kill time and/or reading news/blogs :).


“Samsung Mobile has already recently installed free charging stations in
several U.S. airports including 54 at JFK, 51 at LAX, 12 in LaGuardia,
18 in Orlando, and 22 at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.”

“Also, from the looks of it, the shelf could use more space. How do they expect me to charge my 17-inch laptop on that thing? I guess I’ll be copping a squat under the station if I want to be able to watch movies on long flights.”

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British Airways seem to be heading the all-business US – EU(or Europe) route. As a strategic deal that will bolster their OpenSkies subsidiary, it bought the two plane French Airline L’Avion that flies between Pairs (Orly) and New York (Newark) for £54m (or $107.6 million).

Facts about L’Avion

  • Founded by – 31 year old French entrepreneur Frantz Yvelin
  • First flight – January 3rd 2007 (Orly Airport, Paris to New York’s Newark Airport)
  • Fleet – Two Boeing 757-200 with 90 business class seats in 2×2 configuration
  • Interesting Fact – Fares are generally much lower than other major airlines flying the route
  • Fun Fact – Initially named Elysair but changed after a market research
  • For virtual tour – CLICK HERE

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Silverjet, the Biritsh all-business class airlines based at London Luton Airport, has stopped flights as of today, May 30th 2008.

From Bloomberg

“The airline, whose last flight left Dubai today for the
company’s base at London Luton Airport, appointed administrators
after failing to get $5 million in emergency funding from Middle
Eastern investor Viceroy Holdings LLC, it said in a statement.”

This is the third business-class only operator between London UK and US to file for bankruptcy after Eos Airlines and MAXjet Airways.

Facts about Silverjet

  • Created in 2004 by Lawrence Hunt.
  • They used to fly all business Boeing 767-200 aircrafts between
    London Luton Airport-Newark Intl Airport and London Luton Airport -Dubai Intl Airport.
  • It offered a private passenger terminal
    at London Luton Airport and also had a private check-in area at Newark
  • Fleet consisted of 3 Boeing 767-200 aircrafts

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US DOT (Department of Transportation) reported a sharp increase in planes (particularly from Continental Airlines) demanding emergency landing due too running low on fuel. They have expressed concern that this increase is due to the fuel saving measures taken by airlines. Majority of incidents were on transatlantic flights.

The oil prices reaching $120 a barrel, I think all airlines will increase their efforts on saving fuel and there might be even more of these incidences.

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