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United Airlines had earlier announced plans to stop providing complimentary meals on transatlantic flights in economy class. The idea was to let passengers either bring their own meal or “Buy on Board”.

But today, United finally heard the consumers and announced that it has dropped its plans to charge for meals on the transatlantic flights. It is one thing to charge for meals on domestic flights, but charging for meals on a 8+ hour transatlantic flight is ridiculous. Do you expect me to bring dinner and breakfast for the whole family?

Questions for United Airlines for the dropped plan –
1. Did they realize the logistics in stocking for “Buy on Board” flight on a transatlantic flight?
2. Could they have made sure to arrange for special meal requests?
3. How much does it cost for meals on a transatlantic flight? What percentage of the total ticket price?

I am glad they dropped it, since it looked like a business blunder!


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There is a new gun law in Atlanta (Georgia) that allows “Georgians with carry permits
to tote guns into restaurants that sell alcohol, onto public
transportation and, supporters say, into the airport.

This means starting July 1st 2008 (when the law comes into effect), people can carry concealed weapons into the non-secure areas (before TSA Checkpoint) of world’s busiest airport with over 245,000 passengers passing through the airport a day.

1st Question – Why would you like to carry a gun into an airport?

Maybe you are scared that airport is a dangerous place and while you are dropping off or picking up your loved ones, you might need some self defense. But wait, so far this year there have been only 19 people arrested at Atlanta’s airport of which 16 were for larceny, 2 for auto theft and 1 for aggravated assault with a knife on a police officer. So, for the busiest airport in the world it does sound like one of the safest places in Atlanta?

2nd Question – Does an armed citizen make an airport safer?
There are already enough guns at the airport in the hand of law enforcing police officers who are trained for different situations and proper weapon use, that the safety should not be an issue.

3rd Question – Doesn’t the airport get less safer?
Airport General Manager Ben
DeCosta fears airport safety would be compromised if trained law
enforcement professionals were forced to assume that all civilians are
carrying concealed firearms. As he also points out, the accidental
discharge of a firearm in a terminal or parking lot could create a
panic similar to what happened seven years ago when a traveler breached
security checkpoints to retrieve a camera left at the checkpoint. The
airport shut down, between 5,000 and 10,000 people were evacuated and
Delta and other airlines lost millions of dollars.
” (from here)

To Bearden, GeorgiaCarry
and other supporters of the gun lobby, more guns in more places means
more safety. More guns in airports, more guns in restaurants, more guns
on MARTA, and even more guns on college campuses, as if public safety
is enhanced by drunk, emotionally unstable 18-year-olds with guns in
dormitories or at frat parties.

Like airports, college campuses are among the safest places in
America, even in the wake of tragedies such as that at Virginia Tech.
In fact, 93 percent of the crimes against college students occur off
campus. The same holds true for elementary, middle and high schools;
less than 1 percent of gun incidents involving children occur either at
school or going to or from school. It’s when they return home to their
neighborhoods and their homes that they encounter gun violence.” (from here)

I do not want to start a debate on gun control in US, but I think we should be a little reasonable in understanding the answers to questions of needs and consequences for a no gun-control atmosphere at sensitive places. We have already seen the school/college campus gun related problems, do we really want to cause one somewhere else too???

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Not sure if I should call it ridiculous or shameful, but an Indian court of justice (Delhi High Court) dismissed a petition by 5 Indian Airlines flight attendants against being grounded by the airline for putting on excessive weight.

Please note – 50Kg = 110.23 pounds and 152cm = 5 feet

From Economic Times

The rules prescribe different
weight limits according to their height and age. For an 18-year-old air hostess
with a height of 152 cm, the maximum weight permissible is 50 kg while air
hostesses in the age group of 26 to 30 and a height of152 cm, the weight limit
is 56 kg.”

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Recent attacks to temporarily blind pilots using laser guns have lead to ban in New South Wales, Australia. It sounds ridiculous, but so-called “laser-lunatics” point laser pointers at cockpits. With the recent incidence of a green laser being shined at an ambulance helicopter over Sydney.

What a laser pointer can do?
Lorusso said his right eye was hit by a high-powered green beam as
his helicopter returned to Bankstown Airport about 5.50pm. “It was blurry for about 10 seconds just a bit sore, like when you
rub your eye and it’s red,” Lorusso said.

The new New South Wales ban – “penalties of up $5000 in fines and 14 years jail for people found in possession of high-powered lasers

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Tiger Airways, the largest low-cost airline based in Singapore, has come under fire for its discriminatory policies against handicapped passengers.

Last month, a group of four deaf adults were not allowed to fly because according to airline’s policy, they are supposed to fly with a care provider who can hear. The group have lodged a complaint with Australian government’s anti-discrimination watchdog for not

This is not the first time, the airlines had been in news for its discriminatory policies. In December 2006, two families (in separate instances) were denied boarding because they have a member in a wheel chair.

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