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United Flight 935 (Boeing 777) with 196 passengers, 12 crew and 3 pilots, was flying from Heathrow (London UK) to Los Angeles (USA) over the Atlantic Ocean when it hit turbulence. The turbulence resulted in 4 passengers suffering with fractured bones and 1 flight attendant spraining her ankle. The seat belt sign was off when the plane hit the bump that resulted in the rapid altitude loss. Since the sign was off, there were passengers walking in the aisles resulting in the injuries.

The flight ended up landing at Montreal (Canada) around 1:15 p.m. and aircraft was taken out of service. United Airlines provided another aircraft from passengers to be flown from Montreal to Los Angeles.

So, please whenever you are flying keep the seat belts on!



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I am one of those people who would normally get on a flight, exchange the usual smile and hello and then go straight to my seat paying little or no attention to the announcements or safety briefings by the flight attendants and the crew. My only interaction with the flight attendants come when they ask for choice of beverage or food or if I get an exit seat and I say “yes” to whatever!

Since flight 1549 crash landed in Hudson river, I have taken 4 flights (2 were with US Airways) with the last one being exceptionally turbulent. All the four flights I made sure to hear my flight attendants on their safety briefing, made sure to keep the seat belt on and tight and kept looking through the window to look for birds :).

Though I think the chance of having a similar event is very small, but still my advice to everyone – Pay Attention!

(I am adding two more categories – safety and flight attendants to my blog :))


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I have started questioning FAA’s objective of “Regulating civil aviation to promote safety“.

From AtwOnline

US FAA said that more than five years have elapsed since it conducted
assessments on 103 system designs at eight airlines, exceeding the
timeframe during which the reviews were supposed to have taken place
and the latest in a string of admissions by the agency regarding lapses
in its airline oversight.

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Found here.

From TWU international vice president Dennis Burchette on Grounding of Flights at American Airlines:

I have spent 22 years as a mechanic and quality assurance
inspector at American Airlines and I want to say unequivocally that our
MD-80s are safe. This is more a compliance issue than a safety

Let’s be clear — once the wiring harness was re-routed and then
covered by a protective sleeve, the chances of any safety of flight
issues were minimized. This particular engineering change order first
came to light almost four years ago. Since then there have been
approximately ten revisions!
Since the Airworthiness Directive was
issued there have been at least four revisions.

Hundreds of highly trained FAA award-winning technicians, the best
in the business, with decades of experience, didn’t simply get it
wrong. These changes have been a moving target.

Our members have been working around the clock to get these planes
up in the air as soon as possible. We take our jobs and our
responsibilities seriously. Our goal is to take planes that are safe
and bring them into precise compliance

It makes me wonder, is it really a safety issue or FAA trying to prove themselves after the hearing? I would not like to fly on an unsafe plane, but as I understand all airlines are very stringent on their safety issues (reminds me of all the times I got delays due to maintenance issues). I think experts from Boeing should be contacted and asked, “if this issue is worth grounding the whole fleet and causing chaos across the country?”

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