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Earlier in the year, a Go! flight (Flight 1002 at 10 am on February 13th 2008) from Honolulu to Hilo overshot their landing target by 15 miles at 21,000 feet. The air controllers tried to contact the cockpit crew repeatedly but had no response for 17 minutes. It was found out that both the pilots (Captain Scott Oltman and First Officer Dillon Shepley) had fallen asleep. Both the captain and first officer on the flight were fired by the Airline and FAA suspended their licences for 60 days and 45 days respectively. Also, the Captain Oltman was “diagnosed with “severe obstructive sleep apnea” which causes people to
stop breathing repeatedly in their sleep, preventing a restful night

Some interesting facts –

  • It is interesting that a lot of well known UK newspapers are covering this story, though I couldn’t find many of US newspapers covering it.
  • Does it really matter now, since they have already been fired from the airline?
  • I do agree that a pilot snoozing on a commerical airline is a big secuirty risk. And both pilot snoozing off is even bigger.
  • But with the cockpit being enclosed with no contact to rest of passengers, wouldn’t it get a little boring? 

It would be interesting to know commerical pilots’ view on difference on how they feel from pre-2001 to post-2001 with reinforced cockpit doors with almost no contact with any passenger.


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