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(Pictures from here – Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on Wednesday April 9th 2008)

American Airlines has announced that it will cancel 900 more flights today (Thursday, April 10th 2008) for continued MD 80 inspections for the wiring inspections. These cancellations will total to 1,550 already canceled this week. The inspections are supposed to have affected 171,000+ passengers.

The directive that caused it allpdf read here

Call in advance to check for your flights!!!

On AA.com, American Airlines have posted the following –

Reservation Changes Due To Aircraft Inspections
Customers who were scheduled on a flight that was cancelled may request
a full refund or may apply the value of their ticket towards future
travel on American Airlines. Additionally, customers scheduled to
travel on any MD-80 flight from April 8 – 11, even if their flight has
not been cancelled, may rebook without a change fee to any AA flight
with availability in the same cabin as long as their travel begins by
April 17, as shown below:

If you are traveling to, from or through… On the following dates… And your ticket was issued no later than… You may change your reservation to begin travel as late as…
Cities served by MD-80 aircraft April 8-11, 2008 April 8, 2008 April 17, 2008

One ticketed change is allowed, and no change fee will apply.

For assistance, contact our Reservations personnel at
within the United States or Canada. If you are calling
from outside the United States or Canada, please check our Worldwide
Reservations Numbers
page for Reservations contact information.


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Yesterday (April 6th 2008) Easyjet (Luton, UK based low cost airlines) Flight EZY 2002 (Boeing 737) flying from Athens, Greece to Luton, UK made an emergency landing at the Athens Airport. Passengers claimed big clanging noise with flames from the jet engines. The pilot circles around the airport to burn fuel before landing. The flight landed 40 minutes after take off.

The passengers were given the options of –

  • Transfer to the next London Gatwick flight (40 minutes later)
  • Next Luton flight (next day – Update – As George mentioned in the comment, the next day flight was 90 minutes delayed as well)
(Dated picture of Easyjet’s Boeing 737-700)

As reported the flight was already delayed by 90 minutes due to Snow in UK!

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First the opening day woes, then Naomi Campbell, now 24 year old Scottish singer, song writer and record producer DJ Calvin Harris. Harris was flying from US to London’s Heathrow (Terminal 5) when his laptop with the only existing copy of his second album went missing (in the notorious Terminal 5 Baggage crisis). The airlines offered him GBP 750 as compensation for the loss.

For an important airport like LHR (London’s Heathrow), it is a shame that opening day was a big fiasco.

Fun fact – Calvin Harris was discovered on the social networking website MySpace.

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Passenger Pays For Everything

Not so long ago in the year 2000, flying was a bliss

  • Lesser passengers flying
  • Passenger security and baggage security check was almost hassle free
  • My parents could could drop me right at the gate
  • I was served at least one good meal (while flying coach) on the flight
  • Airliners served all kinds of drinks in coach
  • I could check-in two huge suitcases on the flight
  • I could take my drink through security
  • I could have all my toiletries in my beautiful shaving bag well packed in my cabin luggage
  • I would keep my shoes, belts, wallet, etc on while going through security.
  • Flying on a 2 hour flight meant a 2 hour flight with 15 minutes extra.
  • Flying (on a Flight as a passenger) was FUN!!!

And Now, you know 🙂

As mentioned here, due to rising price of jet oil,
first came came the $5 alcoholic drinks, then went the free meals (replaced by “by on board”),
then came the excess bag charge, then $5 head phones, then $3 water
bottle, $1-$5 snacks,and now $2 pillows.

What is next?

  • Charge for the first bag? (Some airlines like Ryanair already do)
  • Charge for priority boarding
  • Charge for soda
  • Charge for boarding priority (kind of like bidding for one)
  • Charge for cabin luggage space
  • Charge for premium seating (like exit seating, assuming you qualify, window seating, aisle seating)
  • Charge for getting seats together (if in a group)
  • Charge for bag insurance that covers lost bag delivery (else you pick it yourself at the final destination airport)
  • Charge for renting laptops, DVD players, premium headsets, magazines, books,hand-held gaming devices (only rented at the gate)
  • Charge for Comforter
  • Charge for Earplugs
  • Charge for calling customer service
  • Charge for re-seating
  • Charge for getting getting travel insurance, which lets you get sure seat on the next flight if you miss this one
  • Charge for being over a standard weight limit (very controversial though)

You get the idea ;).

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