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If you were planning to join or re-affirm your membership to the Mile High Club using UK’s Mile High Flights, then you are out of luck. UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), equivalent of  FAA, has refused to re-certify Mile High Flights, over fears distracted pilots could crash.  Mile High Flights is a Gloucestershire (UK) based air charter company that allowed passenger to have sex while in-flight on its Cessna C208 Caravan airplanes. The aircrafts are fitted with a queen size bed in the rear of the aircraft. The company was started in 2008 by Mike Crisp

Mike Crisp doesn’t plan to give up that easy as claims he has invested more than $15,000 in equipping the aircraft with fire-retardant sheets, upholstery and bedding.

Mike Crisp who founded the company in 2008, reported “I’m not giving up on what was a popular business idea because someone at the CAA doesn’t like the sound of what goes on in our plane.

“Joining the Mile High Club is something a lot of couples dream of and we were providing the chance to fulfill that particular fantasy. In our two years trading we had people from all walks of life wanting to join the club, from 21st birthday flights to 60th birthday ones.” (Source: avstop.com)

The company offers its passengers the option of two flight packages, “The Big One” at $854 (£640) for a 40 minute flight and the “VIP” for a 60 minute flight. In addition for a third person to travel along there is an additional passenger charge of $166.  

Mile High Flights reports on their website that the fight time “will provide you and your partner ample time to indulge in your ultimate fantasies and experience an adventure fit for Hollywood.” The site also states once you arrive that the airport (Staverton) you will be greeted by the pilot who will answers questions, assist with boarding and provide safety instructions before takeoff. Once on aboard, the passengers are provided with chilled champagne and strawberries, an aphrodisiac. When airborne the pilot will inform the passengers when it is safe to engage in sex.

What is Mile High Club?

The Mile High Club (or MHC) is a slang term applied collectively to individuals who have sex while on board an aircraft in flight. There is no known formally constituted club so named. However, since “membership” of the “club” is really a matter of an individual asserting they have qualified, the qualifications for membership are open to some interpretation.

Or an alternate definition – the term “Mile High Club” refers to two or more people engaging in sexual activity (sexual intercourse) at an altitude of no less than 5,280 ft (a mile high above the earth) in an airplane.

Why would someone like to join this Club?

  •  Bragging rights
  •  Vibration of the plane for easier arousal
  •  Fantasy of being a pilot or flight attendants
  •  Plane/Metal Fetish
  •  Taboo/Thrill



I would normally be OK with charter sex flights, but this time I agree with CAA. Cessna is a little too small for the sex act as the cockpit is right next to the make-shift bed. There is no way that a pilot will not get distracted with the sounds, visuals and movement! What do you think?

(from Mizozo.com)


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The story came out a week back and is still developing. Recently Britain’s National Archives revealed a document that enumerates unexplained UFO sightings from 1986 to 1992.

Details of the Document (from CTV)

The more than 4,500-page online document is the second batch of
testimonies chock-full of shimmering objects, mysterious crop circles
and creatures from another dimension collected by British military and
released this month. It includes first-hand accounts such as:

  • Statements from police officers in West Yorkshire describing sightings of “bright lights in the night sky”
  • Testimony collected from a U.S. Airforce Sabre jet pilot ordered to
    “shoot down a UFO” flying over eastern England during the height of the
    Cold War
  • A letter from a person dubbed “alien-spotter extraordinaire” who reported regular alien visits since 1982

Another of the 19 files released by the British Ministry of Defence
to the National Archives details a near-miss with a possible UFO and
passenger jet carrying 57 people en route from Milan to London’s
Heathrow Airport on April 21, 1991.

Alitalia Pilot’s Story

On Alitalia flight in 1991 from Milan to Heathrow, Captain Achille Zaghetti and his co-pilot saw “a mysterious khaki-coloured, missile-shaped object streaking across the sky above the Kent countryside.” The object was a 10 feet long UFO.


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London’s Stansted Airport, operated by BAA, received the permission from the UK government to increase its flight capacity by 10% to accommodate a further of 23,000 flights a year (extra 10 million passengers). Earlier the local authority had rejected the request due to noise and environmental issues.

From M2

The maximum number of passengers able to use the
airport would increase by 10m a year, from 35m to 25m, as a result of
the capacity increase and the number of possible flights would be
raised from 241,000 annually to 264,000, Reuters reported.

Opposition on the Plan from BBC

The National Trust opposes the expansion, claiming increased air traffic will have an adverse impact on nearby Hatfield Forest.

It has described the site as one of Europe’s last remaining
medieval royal hunting forests and believes an increase in flights and
noise will hit visitor numbers. 

Uttlesford District Council leader Jim Ketteridge said:
“Allowing BAA to increase the amount of air traffic marks a further
erosion of our quality of life, particularly for all those living near
Stansted Airport.”

Stop Stansted Expansion, the campaign group which has led
opposition to further development, said it was “considering the
implications” of the Government’s decision before commenting further.

And the Liberal Democrats have also criticised the move,
claiming there is a “gaping void” between the Government’s rhetoric on
the environment and its actions.

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Singapore Airlines announced that on Thursday September 18th 2008, it received its 6th Airbus A380 from Airbus. The airline is supposed to use the super jumbo jet for a second daily flight between Singapore and London.

It is good news for Airbus and Airbus Investors since the company seems to be sticking to its delivery target and schedule of 12 Airbus A380 by the end of the year (despite delay rumors).

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Kingfisher Airlines (merged into Deccan Aviation) became the second major private Indian Airlines after Jet Airways to get the permission to fly to foreign destinations. The aviation ministry of India has approved the airlines for seven flights a week between Bangalore and London on a Airbus A330 from August 26th 2008.

Kingfisher Airlines is run by Vijay Mallya who seems to be the Sir Richard Branson of India.

From Wikipedia – “Kingfisher is one of six airlines in the world to have a five-star rating from Skytrax, along with Asiana Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airways.

From Press Trust of India

According to guidelines an Indian
carrier can fly abroad only after serving the domestic market for five
years and having a fleet of 20 aircraft.

Kingfisher Airlines was merged into Deccan Aviation with the
sanction of the Karnataka High Court. Following this, all the 43
aircraft on the Scheduled Operators Permit (SOP) of Kingfisher were
transferred and endorsed on the SOP of Deccan Aviation with the
approval of the DGCA.”

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American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia announced today that they have signed “a commercial agreement to cooperate over flights between North America and Europe to help overcome soaring fuel costs”. The tie is also supposed to benefit for the open skies agreement between Europe and US.

Also, as a part of the new agreement all the three airlines have filed for worldwide anti-trust immunity from US DOT (Department of Transportation) over the tie up. This would be American Airlines’ and British Airways’ third attempt at immunity request.

Virgin Atlantic’s Richard Branson is very annoyed. He has termed the possible approval as a “monster monopoly” and “third time unlucky for customers”.

Meanwhile British Airways and Iberia are also discussing (separately) their own merger plans.

I personally think that air passengers will benefit from the deal by being able to fly seamlessly on the Oneworld network while gaining/using/benefiting points/miles on all loyalty programs.

From AFP

Oneworld said that it “warmly welcomed and strongly supports the application for anti-trust immunity.”

added in a statement: “Anti-trust immunity between oneworld’s
transatlantic partners would enable them to unlock even more of
oneworld’s potential, enabling us to operate under the same rules as
our alliance competitors” SkyTeam and Star.

merican Airlines, BA and Iberia said in a joint statement that their
new alliance would allow them to “expand customer choice by supporting
routes that would not be economically viable for the individual

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Higher oil prices have driven airlines to different solutions like capacity reduction, merger related synergies, airfare increase, charging for the usual freebies, etc.

British Airways and Spain’s flag carrier Iberia (or Iberia, Líneas Aéreas de España, S.A. ) are deep in merger talks with Iberia “have taken direct/indirect 10% stake in British rival”. The merger is backed by boards on both airlines and will create the third largest airline in Europe (after KLM-Air France and Lufthansa).

So, as usual, I set out to find how the combined entity would look. Please be aware that I do not account for possible merger related capacity reduction (or airplane retirement) and unforeseeable changes.

British Airways in BLUE and Iberia in RED –

  • HeadquarteredWaterside, Harmondsworth, UK and Madrid, Spain
  • Destinations147 + 115 (+19 future) =252 (+19 future) – OVERLAP
  • Frequent Flier ProgramExecutive Club, Premier + Iberia Plus = ?
  • AllianceOneworld
  • HubsLondon Heathrow Airport, London Gatwick Airport, Barajas Int’l Airport
  • FleetAirbus A318, A319, A320, A321, A380-800*; Boeing 737, 757, 767, 747, 777, 787* + Airbus A319, A320, A321, A340; McDonnell Douglas MD-88
  • Fleet Size235 (+62 orders) + 152 (+19 orders) =387 (+81 orders)
  • Company SloganUpgrade to British Airways + With Iberia , you’re more = Upgrade with more???

Since, British Airways is a bigger airline, there might be a possible BA head over the combined airline. Willie Walsh as CEO???

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